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From sprawling Sakura with dainty pink florets that exemplify the country’s ties to nature to the rich ancient traditions filled with unimaginable secrets relevant to the modern times, Japan is an everlasting masterpiece that will take you on beautiful journey.

Japan is a country that I will visit time and time again and I assure you that every time I do, there will be something new to discover – something that I haven’t seen before. Not only is the country’s advancement in science and technology noteworthy, but its ancient architecture and pristine design aesthetic is captivating to say the least. Homes would have the most state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms equipped with gadgets but still maintain traditional design from wood, thus reinforcing their connection to a nostalgic past.


A big part of their culture, I noticed, is translated in the way they treat others. Kindness flows freely through the people of this country and doors are always opened with big, welcoming smiles. Their strong values, generosity, and level of hospitality are exceptional and their willingness to always have a good time make traveling here a brilliant experience. Walk into any good restaurant, which is never but a hop, skip, and jump away, and be greeted immediately by a shot of sake and colourful cuisine that dances on the plate in front of you. Once you’ve had enough sake and sushi, however, the karaoke machine is bound to make an appearance, jokes are cracked at everyone’s expense, and it’s completely A-OK to dance on the tables. FHM recently brought out a lovely article about my favourite spots in Japan! Have a look here:

The Japanese are also known for their ancient beauty secrets and rituals, which is a major reason I was initially drawn to visiting Japan. Since I was younger and through the time I began Evelyn’s Secrets, I’ve always been obsessed with ancient beauty from different parts of the world. Japan is one of my favourite places when it comes to wellness. The experience of taking a bath in the stunning Sulphur waters of the hot springs, or ‘Onsen’, that are scattered throughout the mountains and volcanoes that cover the terrain is a must! If that doesn’t sound divine enough, while you’re taking a dip in your hot natural jacuzzi, you can gaze upon the endless vistas of stunning snow-capped mountains adorned with cherry blossom trees. Check out the article about my previous trip to Japan here to discover more about this ancient Japanese beauty ritual!

Japan offers a lot to the traveller that wishes to relax. Take a quick nap at a capsule hotel, cuddle with kittens for some overdue pet therapy at fun cat cafés filled with adorable fur balls, or stroll through a peaceful Zen garden – there is something for every type of vibe. The highlight of my solo trip was experiencing a traditional tea ceremony in my own private cabin, which was the most meditative thing I’ve ever done! And of course my favourite spot: Mount Fuji!

Japan is a country with abysmal depths worthy of discovery. The regular sushi food coma and daydreaming about becoming a Samurai are just two things to count on, but then I couldn’t possibly forget about the philosophy, the poetry, and spirituality either. No matter where you go in Japan, just know that this country will truly take care of you and keep you longing for more adventure.


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  • Hasan
    July 1, 2018

    A really great post, I have been to Japan and I would say it is one of the best places I have been to, You totally nailed and summed it up by saying “Not only is the country’s advancement in science and technology noteworthy, but its ancient architecture and pristine design aesthetic is captivating to say the least.”

    It has so much history and the technology is just wow. Did you visit the temples and Shrines in Nikko National Park? It is a must visit.

    Hope you share more travel experiences.

  • Omair Mohammed
    July 12, 2018

    Happy Birthday Evelyn!!!!

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