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It’s Sunday and you wish the weekend would never end? Don’t get anxious, let’s take on this week strong!

At any given time, I have multiple shoots happening or a crazy travel schedule cross country to attend events, so it gets difficult sometimes to maintain balance and feel energized throughout the week. The nature of the profession I am in requires me to be on top of my game all the time and need to set myself a healthy routine especially for stressful days. I believe that in order to harmonize your mind, body and soul, forming small healthy habits will create a positive impact on your life and you will automatically make you feel great from the inside out.

Today, I am going to let you in on three secrets that help me stay healthy and happy. Try them out this week and let me know if they made you feel good, too!

Get Movin’!

I’ll be honest with you guys, but working out was never appealing to me. Blessed with a great body thanks to my mom always sending me around town on my bicyle I’ve reaped the fruits of my youth long enough – but then you cross 25 and suddenly you wonder why you feel tired more often and why that tummy fat doesn’t disappear as easy. The secret to staying fit is finding a way of movement you enjoy most! Think about it – do you enjoy going dancing with your friends on the weekends? Find a dance class close to you and commit to going at least once a week! If you love to run, find a local football team to join. I’m a total water baby, so swimming is my preferred way of flopping through life like a baby dolphin! And then there is always the gym – so no excuses! Move your butt to stay full of energy and motivation! Let those endorphins take over your body and you’ll see that your stressful week will be a piece of cake!

Breakfast is for champions!

Start your day right with vitamins, fiber, good fats and good carbs. Forget about all that skimmed milk no sugar nonsense. In the morning have your dark chocolate musli with proper whole milk to take on a hectic day, lots of berries, fruit and juices are a must add-on to your daily diet. I believe in dietary supplements though, so maybe a nice protein shake before you go for that morning workout or a dose of multi vitamins is always good to kickstart your day.

Don’t be a zombie!

I’m super grumpy unless I have 8 hours of sleep; my make-up artist knows this best! If we have an early 6am start, she usually asks me to just lay down while she does my make-up. She’s a gift from heaven! Apart from just looking and feeling tired, bad sleeping patterns are linked to certain health conditions. In a day and age where our brains are constantly firing, your body and soul need that rest. The minute you start creating good sleeping habits you’re going to be so much happier during your days – especially the hectic ones. Here’s an interesting video on why we need sleep:

Do you have healthy habits that work wonders in your life? I would love to read them here in the COMMENTS!


  • Omair Mohammed
    March 25, 2018

    Drinking coffee in the morning, and taking cold showers are two shortcuts I use for more energy. Also taking a multivitamin with ginseng helps.

  • Omair Mohammed
    March 26, 2018

    If you believe everything in life is a test from God then even big stress can handled. If you are having many failures and problems just remind yourself that God wants to see how patient you can be. On the flip side of you are really successful in respect and money God wants to see how humble and generous you can be.

  • Tuhin Paul
    March 26, 2018

    Washing hands or using sanitizer before having anything, 10 minutes planks, 5 kms walk/run, 50 pushups and fruits. I follow these and it does wonders.

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