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28 Aug Mondays Are For New Beginnings – Evelyn’s Secrets

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been embracing my Indian side more and more with the choice of photos on my social media… I always get overwhelmed with love for the Indian part of my genes when there is an opportunity for me to dress up traditionally! I believe a woman looks the most stunning in a saree and I wish there were more occasions for me to wear one!

It’s been a beautiful weekend of sparkly lights and the rolling sound of drums bring the streets alive in Bandra with a spirit of celebration for new beginnings! I love the way we celebrate in India; it’s never just one day. No; we make it a week or two! Ganesh Chaturthi has become a very special memory to me since I’ve moved to Mumbai. The air is filled with a lovely fragrance of spice and sweetness and arms are wide open to welcome you in. I always felt like a foreigner and outsider in Mumbai, but on Ganesh Chaturthi people showed me that I do belong. Families invite you to their home, friends bring over sweets, and everyone wears colourful, festive dresses and most of all – wants you to join in on their celebration.

As a Christian, you often feel like a minority in India. I guess it’s the same for someone of a different faith to feel this way in a Christian country, as well. But, that’s were the most beautiful part of love and faith shines through best – when we put aside fear and simply embrace each other, share our celebrations and accept one another for the wonderful people we all are. We are created for love. Thank you to my amazing friends here who keep inviting me over for celebrations to the many colourful Hindu festivals, feed me with the most delicious food on Eid or ask me to join their prayer groups. I may not always understand, but I love getting to know you and hearing all about your beautiful culture, beliefs and mythology!


I’m especially thankful to my always caring fans who never fail to send me good wishes in every way possible. I feel honoured that you would make me a part of such a special day in your life and I can’t wait for Christmas to come around so I can tell you all about the magical time we celebrate and to invite you over too for cookies, gifts and carolling!

Do you have a favourite holiday? And, why so? Tell me in the COMMENTS!


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  • Himanshu Bisht
    Posted at 14:05h, 28 August Reply

    Evelyn Sharma it’s no doubt about your beauty & philantrophist , You look like an empress .with a generous heart. . I watched your video “Meri Kahani” that inspired me and taught me that time is strong & become us from king to beggar or vice-versa . You have become my one of the favorite actress after “Party Non-stop song” . I like your all photos that your share with us.. You are doing a great job with your foundation & keep it to play the Piano . You play it good. Now Come on about Mumbai . I really like Mumbaikar or the Ganesh Chaturthi. I live in Delhi but i love Mumbai from bottom of my heart .
    God bless you & i wish Bappa will fulfill your whole wishes .

  • Mohit Haryani
    Posted at 16:19h, 28 August Reply

    I have a Favorite Holiday in Mumbai, Because there I met and can meet my inspirational People over there as I love to Dance❤and it would be great to meet you in a festival as a big fan,i wish if I can also be able to celebrate with sweets,gifts, Thanksgiving and love,and want to express love by giving you gift came by my pocket money,saved for special things to buy.My Favourite Holiday will be to meet you in Mumbai when i am at the trip.And I hope that I get chance to be in that moment atleast once in this life.Lots of love from Ahmedabad – @mohitharyani

  • Vasu sharma
    Posted at 19:47h, 28 August Reply

    True..festivals in our country make us all one.I am also new to Mumbai(first week here) and yeah,all the people are generous and full of life.They invite for sweets and to be a part of this celebration.I being from Himachal,for me its all new here so learning and adjusting.
    P.s I would wait for an invite this christmas from you..😀😀

  • Ramakrishna Sharma
    Posted at 00:54h, 30 September Reply

    Please don’t feel always like you are other country person and Christian Indian minority, first god created this earth (planet) after created one male and one female in this planet , but god can’t created religion s and cast’s and nationality s, just humans created on the selfish thoughts Wise. You just remember on your mind always until you leave this planet ( your soul come from god to this planet, but soul want a one body,because of some good karmas during on this planet purposes, god already programmed your life, time wise they utilized on you. After all your programs complete now you are going back to destiny of god. You don’t know beforely which human and where and which place which nationality and which religious and which city birth o you. God always gives soul power to all this living universe , some one knows and some one s don’t knows and some ones can’t trying to find’s that. Father, mother, brother, sister, cousins, friends and teacher s and eminent peoples all are temporarily until leave this planet. But some peoples strongly trusted all this permanent. No never. Just faith with god and move forward and see what’s come s next in front of ur way life miracle s just watch and accept and make knowledge and improve self and move forward, Buss’s,

    Dear you are on Mumbai and abroad living, I am living in India Hyderabad right now, when you having free time on your journey of life once meet me I all Tell you and I all shares with you what I have gaining knowledge with my god

    I am opened ur website only when you are remembered me Evelyn secrets topic, I don’t remained and I don’t remember that ,even I once a week defenately open to seemed all about your feelings

    Love you bye take care my beautiful princess👑

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