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Hey guys! I’m finally getting over my jungle jet lag and the mosquito bites are fading as I continue to travel across the country. I really found new appreciation for all the wonderful things we have in the city, things as simple as waffles and ice cream. This past weekend I fly to our capital, New Delhi, which in my opinion is the most flashy of all our cities! Delhi people love their life of style, and I completely fell in love with the city again! I had the honour to speak at an awards function to celebrate visionaries in spirituality & wellness and found it so inspiring to get to know each of them! Since lots of you have been asking me to show videos of my speaking engagements, here is a small clip from my speech. I will make it a point to get more of them for y’all!

What interesting people are all around us every day and in our busy city life we just pass by them. What do you think? Should we speed up the pace of life to achieve our career goals or should we slow down and take more time out to get to know people on a very personal level? Or is it possible to combine both in a balanced living? I loved my short journey through the jungle and it really taught me a lot about how beautiful it is to live in sync with the world that surrounds us. I must say it changes you when you connect to nature and the people around you on a more deeper level. 

Sending you all lots of love today! Let me know in the comments on which topics you would like to hear me speak more! Wellness? Beauty? Spirituality? 


  • Anand Kumar
    August 16, 2017

    Hi Evelyn Mam,

    Last night I had a crazy dream.. we happened to meet through a friend of mine and I was so excited but the only question I asked was, “How much time do you spend with the bible every?” And I was surprised by your response in my dream, when you said,”3 hrs”… I was like 3hrs despite your busy schedule… wow!

    I am sorry, if I am sounding crazy.. But it really happened… 🙂 I would like you to also write more on your spiritual journey.. That’s a secret too.. 🙂

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