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Hey guys! I’m finally back in the city! Sumeet and I had a crazy challenging time in the jungles of South India on the new VOOT show Stupid Man Smart Phone! But thanks to all of you we just about survived and made it home safely! Isn’t it like magic that I can continue to communicate with y’all while I’m trying to complete tasks in the wilderness? Technology is a beautiful thing and it helps us all stay connected to the world at an instant, now from wherever you are! We would definitely have been lost without it, so I learned to always bring my smart phone! One more thing I have learned in the rainforest is to soak in nature to it’s fullest. Besides using your smart phone for help and saving memories with one click, never forget to look up, look ahead and enjoy the lush green of God’s beautiful creation! Disconnecting is as much necessary and completely crucial for everybody’s well-being and there’s nothing like being stuck in the trenches of nature to give you some much needed R&R.


The serenity of nature has been proven in significantly reduce stress and other conditions like depression and anxiety. I feel for the last 20 years technology was more distracting and became addictive, which made us forget about the beauty around us. Now finally our smart phones with all the accompanying gadgets and mods merge beautifully into our every day life and gives us the chance to stay connected and at the same time see life as it truly is!


For me, our dear Mother Earth has always been something that I feel a deep connection to. I see God in everything and every creature I encounter. It really is amazing to know that a majority of Earth’s creatures, including humans, live such simple lives in the lap of nature. It almost funny to look at our own city lives and how we get a nervous breakdown every time we are stuck in traffic for half an hour or how life full of options and opportunities still seems to have no purpose at all. Meeting a villager here and there really set my priorities in life right. Stop complaining. Be thankful for what you have. And praise God who provided it all for us without asking for anything in return!

What are you thankful for today? I am extremely thankful for this beautiful house I get to live in, with a hot shower and a soft bed. The basics is where gratefulness starts for me.


  • Tuhin Paul
    August 11, 2017

    Thankful for all the time, the basic necessities and all the moments which i have had till date

  • hardik jain
    August 31, 2017

    Do you post more of you anywhere else? Ma’am

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