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Jet lag can be a serious problem! This weekend I really wanted to relax and recharge from my USA trip, but off we go up into the mountains of Sikkim to Gangtok! Sometimes I wonder if my life is just a dream! It really is too good to be true. I get to travel the world non-stop, and that too with the best people on earth! I’m so overwhelmed with gratefulness. Sleepy, but very very happy!

Ah well… As much as I love it, going around the world in 10 days can feel exhausting. Your body just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Arriving back in India, I had tons of meetings scheduled the very next day and being sleepy was definitely not on the schedule! From traveling so much, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that help me stay focused and awake… So here are my top 3 secrets for you on how to fight that dreadful jet lag:

1. Snooze on the plane

This is important especially if it’s night time at your destination rather than the country you departed from! Get your inner clock ticking for tomorrow! I know that sometimes sleeping on a flight is not that easy for everyone, so maybe try and grab some nice lavender or eucalyptus essential oils to help with relaxation. My secret is: Take the biggest pillow you can find with you! Don’t be shy, everyone does it!

The flight attendants always look very concerned when they see my big hand luggage like they may need two three people to lift it up into the overhead compartment… Pleasant surprised to see how light it is and that I carry a small suitcase with me just for a huge pillow! But there’s just nothing like hugging your own pillow to find some good sleep! Another little tip: Stay away from sleeping pills! You don’t want to wake up from turbulences feeling like a grizzly bear awoken in his deepest winter sleep.


2. Stay hydrated, don’t fall sick!

Changing time zones can be really tricky on your health! Long hours on the plane, low oxygen levels, freezing AC, lack of sleep… First your digestive system will start failing, then your sleeping rhythm will say goodbye and finally your throat, eyes and nose start crying out for help! The answer to it all: Stay hydrated! Nowadays you can try getting your water bottle through security, but if they don’t allow it, make sure to purchase at least two 1 litre bottles to drink on the plane. Your body will thank you later.

3. Sleep and rise with the sun

If it’s the middle of the day time when you land at your destination, do your best to stay up until at least 10pm that day before going to bed. Plum Sykes jokes in my favourite book: “People who get jet lag, are just not well travelled.” Well, it’s kind of true. It will be difficult to get into the new time zone at first, but you’ll get in the groove the more often you travel. Trust me, if you sleep and rise with the sun you will wake up in the morning completely refreshed and ready to go!


Tell me in the COMMENTS if you ever had jet lag, and how you got over it!


  • kirtan patel
    June 26, 2017

    I never had a jet leg…because I am so fond of sleeping that I can sleep anytime anywhere…and the trips are so tiring that when you have a good pillow and bed…you can sleep easily

  • kirtan patel
    June 26, 2017

    Big comfortable pillow is what you want and you can fall asleep anywhere anytime….lol

  • kirtan patel
    June 26, 2017

    Or else another option is Starbucks coffee 🍵 to keep yourself fresh

  • Valentin Rossiwall
    June 26, 2017

    Dear Evelyn,

    I remember meeting you the first time in Mumbai some years ago, when you only had 5000 followers on Facebook at a designer’s party.

    I don t think it is possible to travel and remain a calm life balance cycle. It is what you pay for in this business.

    Coffee and all sorts of other stimulants will ruin first your sleep , later many more things. Fixing this will have all sorts of opportunity costs, such as ruined relationships, money or health later. I used to try to find arguments for this also and used pillows, sleeping aids and noise reduction headphones. It is only an illusion that it will destress and help you. .

    I believe in staying at the same place for a long time and developing a unique routine, whatever it is. I play music every day. I read every day. I do sports 5 times a week. I am quit happy and have very good sleep.

    If any time you want to visit Austria and go hiking or do something else, feel free do contact via email.

  • Manal
    June 29, 2017

    Hii Evelyn what is ur height ????

  • Valentin Rossiwall
    September 27, 2017

    That’s great news! 🙂 I want to go on a hiking trip to the Himalayas!!!! But Nepal is totally destroyed. In Austria (salzburg now), it is really nice at the lakes and with the mountains!

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