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Last year, I spent some time in Japan shooting for Narendra Kumar’s fashion calendar that promoted the India-Japan friendship. The calendar featured me, of course, and Miss World Japan 2015, Chika Nakagawa, and featured a red dot in each photo to symbolize the unity of both cultures. It was a wonderful experience! The sweetest people, inspiring culture and all different kinds of weather from north to south Japan!

We followed the trail of cherry blossoms, traditionally called sakura, from city to city and it was absolutely breathtaking!

The pink and white coloured blossoms can be found at all the cities and it was just so beautiful. Apart from being one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done, Japan seriously stole my heart. The food, especially the authentic sushi, the hospitality, and the amazing people were just some of the highlights of my trip there.

The best part of my experience travelling this marvellous country was the discovery of the Japanese onsen, which are Sulphur hot springs that can be found all over the main islands. I was in Hiroshima and the resort where I stayed was near a river that smelled so much of Sulphur due to the volcanos, it was magical!

These springs have amazing healing powers due to all the minerals in the water and they pretty much immediately alleviate any stress and tension. The increased blood circulation also helps detoxification and eases any aches and pains you may have. They have onsen inside the wooden Japanese houses and even outside for you to soak in nature as you bathe in the streams of the volcanic water. This is mother earth’s most luxurious wellness treat to us!

Not only was I super relaxed after I soaked in these springs and my skin was immediately softer and nicer, but it also detoxed my whole system in this one hour – let me tell you we had a lot of sake on this trip!

Now, we all know the secret behind why the Japanese are so beautiful and literally have perfect skin. If you’re ever in Japan, then visiting an onsen is absolute must. Your body will thank you! There are a few onsen that have opened up around the world too, I recently visited one in Bangkok, Thailand! Let’s hope someone will open up one in Mumbai soon too!

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