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Phew; it’s finally the weekend. We made it! TGIF! While the weekend is here, I can honestly say that being out and about in this summer heat is absolutely brutal. It really takes a toll on you and can sometimes hinder your ability to be active. Growing up, I was so used to being outside in Germany during the summer and being able to play and roam free, but Bombay is unforgiving with this heat! In fact, if you love exercising outside like I do it can be potentially dangerous for your health here, especially if you don’t hydrate and drink enough water. I remember specifically during my modelling days when I would travel to Thailand, I noticed that the best fruits and veggies grow there and this is where I started drinking cold-pressed juices. Back then, cold-pressed juices weren’t even a thing in India, and I’m so thankful that they exist now. Of course, drinking plenty of water is also essential. And if I have to work out in this heat, I always prefer to swim laps in the pool over anything else!

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Here is one of the biggest secrets to being able to stay cool and healthy during the hot summer season. For those of you who don’t like drinking water for the bland taste, one of the easiest and yummiest ways to make sure you’re hydrated is to make fruit-infused water at home. This stuff is a blessing!

First, you’re going to make sure the fruit you plan on using is not overly ripe. My favourite combo is lemon, strawberry, and mint. I also love watermelon and mint. Oh, and blueberries and orange! Ok, I love using all of them! Once you decide which combination you want to use, cut the fruit into slices and fill a one litre glass bottle about half way with all of your fruits. Here’s a little secret I learned from my fitness and nutrition coach: Always “shock” the fruits in boiling hot water, don’t ask me why, but it makes them easier on your stomach. And of course it’s a given that you should always buy organic fruits to avoid the nasty pesticides and colours sprayed onto them, however if you buy natural fruits, make sure to peel the skin off properly – which is however also where all the nutrients sit, so go organic!

From here, you will want to add cold, filtered water into the water and store it in the fridge for about one day and watch magic happen overnight. It tastes so, so good! Fruit-infused water is filled with minerals and some vitamins that will help you stay hydrated throughout the day. I even love adding some cucumber, since it is essential for healthy skin!

Enjoy, and make sure you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated this weekend!

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  • Akshay Asok
    May 13, 2017

    So Helpful.. Thank you Dear Evelyn…. Will give you an answer what you asked for…….. now, a little bit confused

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