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08 May It’s Monday! Stay calm and be gentle – Evelyn’s Secrets

It’s Monday again, friends. This means all of us are going to get busy planning our schedules, meeting and overall hectic week! Mondays put so much pressure on us it’s terrible… They tell us “this week we have to perform better”, “this week we have to get things right” and then remind us of all the things we didn’t do last week. It’s hard to find #MondayMotivation on such days, no matter how many memes we check on Instagram! For me, I can almost count on every week being hectic simply due to my travel, shooting schedule and leading Seams For Dreams and this performance based pressure can sometimes get the best of me and I become really agitated.

That’s when I have to sit back, take a deep breath and remind myself that we are all in the same boat here. We all are stuck in our manic Mondays – from CEO to art director to chai wala. We all feel the pressure to keep it together, to provide for our families, to pay that next rent cheque. So lets be a bit more loving and gentle towards each other, lets be supportive and try not to snap in stressful situation. Today, I want to tell you my secret how to overcome these feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless – start your Monday with meditation and reflection.

Deeply rooted within all of us, there is a strong longing for love and gentleness. In this day and age, it is so easy to get caught up in this state of stress, chaos, and haste. But gentleness is what is innate to us, it is hidden deep inside your heart and to bring it out, it sometimes needs a whole lot of patience dealing with the world around us. For me personally, I become calm whenever I remind myself that there is a greater purpose for my life than this stressful Monday. I meditate and slow down, reminding myself that being stressed doesn’t serve me, neither those I love, nor God’s purpose for my life.

There’s a way to handle these feelings of being overwhelmed and remembering to be gentle in your approach to life. It is by reminding ourselves that we are terribly weak individuals but can rely on a greater power to strengthen us and show us the way. Every victory starts with humility. This is an amazing way to assure that you will never feel that nasty out of control stress again. Make it a point to wake up even earlier on Mondays! Punch in the air a couple of times and shout “this Monday won’t bring me down again!”

Meditate for at least 15 mins and ask God to reveal to you the purpose of your life. This will give you the strength to take everyday with a smile and the feeling of stress becomes smaller and smaller. Find that love within your soul that someone else may need today to get through a crazy situation, be patient and show them gentleness! Be that rock of calm in your crazy life today for the ones around you! Trust me on this one – when you look away from yourself to help someone else, everything sorts itself out magically. 

Leave a COMMENT and tell me how you deal with Mondays!


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  • Bobby diaz
    Posted at 17:24h, 08 May Reply


  • Sean Mukherjee
    Posted at 17:25h, 08 May Reply

    Great info! Hope to read more soon.
    When are you coming to London?

    • Evelyn Sharma
      Posted at 19:51h, 08 May Reply

      Thank you! I will be in London this summer for sure!

      • Sean Mukherjee
        Posted at 20:00h, 09 May Reply

        Hi Evelyn, thank you for replying how will fans meet you in London, which part of London and what will the event be keep us posted? I will be studying at SAE Oxford from September this year in BA/BSC Digital Film Production (Hons). Hope to work with you someday and see you soon! Regards, Sean. x.

  • Ravi Tandon
    Posted at 13:02h, 09 May Reply

    Interesting post!! Love you evelyn … 🙂

  • Ambikesh singh
    Posted at 23:03h, 09 May Reply

    I have been following you since “Yariyaan” ,I think ur super talented,super HOT ,extreamly Beautiful and ever green,Just wish to see u more n more in movies ,videos, even on advertisements.U are a dream girl of every guy and i am very very fond of you.I like u so much that i dont know what to say, I lOVE YOU .

  • Ambikesh singh
    Posted at 23:13h, 09 May Reply

    On mondays dont take any pressure coz u know it will be a hard working day just get up early in the morning write down things to do n start performing after snan,dhyan,n bhojan. 🙂

  • live music
    Posted at 00:40h, 10 May Reply

    I loved this post! I read your blogs fairly often and you’re always coming out with great stuff.
    I shared this on my facebook and my follwers loved
    it! Keep up you’ll be able to work.

  • Manal
    Posted at 22:39h, 10 May Reply

    Hey Evelyn time to spread some health awareness … tell us how often do u get ur blood pressure checked? ? Have u ever got ur blood pressure checked in ur life ??

  • Naman
    Posted at 18:52h, 11 May Reply

    Awesome and Inspiring.

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