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While I was growing up at home in Germany, my mother taught me a lot of little beauty rituals that she learned from her mother and grandmother and made me fall in love with ancient beauty secrets. We Germans like to bathe in milk, wash our hair with beer and sleep in hay! Today, I will tell you all about a natural cure for all of your headaches and insomnia-ridden nights.

I’m often plagued by nightmares and sleepless nights, so I try to find all kinds of calming remedies to get myself into a relaxed and happy state before entering the land of dreams. Since I don’t have a husband to massage my head every night, I for now have to make do with this little secret to increase my well-being: A mustard seed lavender pillow!

This is a really easy and simple pillow that you can make out of an old pillow cover you have in your linen closet. By the way, more about up-cycling your old linens you can read on www.SeamsForDreams.com!

First, I cut the pillow cover into a smaller square and sow it up tightly from all sides just leaving a small hole to fill it on one side. Now don’t forget to first turn it from inside out before you fill it with the mustard seeds! Of course squares are the easiest, but you can really make it in any shape you want! Here are some ideas, I am a a big fan of the owls:

From here, you will have one open end of the pillow cover, which you can then sew shut after stuffing it with mustard seeds and the rest of your added ingredients. You will need:

– 1 kilogram of mustard seeds (depending on how big your pillow is and how squishy you want it)

– 1 cup of dried lavender flower petals

– A few drops of essential oils, in case you prefer another fragrance over lavender or are allergic to fresh flower petals

The coolest thing about this pillow is that mustard seeds are easy to find in Indian markets, as are essential oils. Once you have all the ingredients for the pillow, put them into your pillow cover and sew the open side closed. Your pillow is ready!

As you sleep, the rotation of the seeds, petals and essential oils slowly release a relaxing fragrance that eases your mind and stress. It literally melts away as you fall asleep.

Have a relaxed weekend with lots of sweet dreams!


  • Manal
    May 7, 2017

    Thr 1 thing that I’ve observed is earlier u used to reply to ur fans’ comments on this platform..but now u hv stopped replying to most of the comments. .Why is that so ??

  • Hasan
    May 8, 2017

    Thats a great advice, do you still use the pillow? don’t you find it uncomfortable and what do you do when you travel?

  • gesundes abnehmen
    June 10, 2017


    Ich frage mich aktuell, welches Diät-Produkt für mich in Frage kommt.
    Ich habe wirklich viele ausprobiert, nur nie Erfolge gehabt.
    Auf was sollte man da vorzugsweise denken? Ich halte nichts
    von solchen Zaubermitteln, die eine Menge versprechen, aber nur wenig erfüllen. Deshalb nicht falsch interpretieren,
    ich mag keine Zauberpille, aber es muss doch irgendwelche Produkte geben, die mindestens ein bisschen helfen.

    Für Hilfestellung wäre ich sehr dankbar

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Monika http://www.squeeza.co.za/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=42928

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