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Wake up, wake up, wake up; it’s the first of May! And for all of my friends in Maharashtra, happy Maharashtra Day, I love how many holidays we have in Mumbai and me getting to know all about them every year!

First of May brings always back new memories from growing up in Germany as well. We have this saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Today marks the beginning of spring. Winter is over, the crazy April weather comes to an end and finally the blossoms sprout and the land will be filled with flowers and a lovely fragrance. It’s a wonderful feeling of a new beginning and makes me feel so alive!

It’s a great time to reflect on everything you have accomplished in the previous year and for you to look forward and plan the months ahead of you. What do you wish to get done in May, what are your dreams for this summer, what are your goals this year? Do you want to work towards a promotion at work? Do you want to start learning how to play a musical instrument? Do you want to participate in more charity efforts?Do you need to commit to hitting the gym at least three times a week? Or do you simply want to become a better friend this year?

Now, I’m a huge proponent of living in the moment! And like everyone I do get sluggish often… But everything I have ever achieved has always been because I set goals for myself every month, week, and day and I work towards them. Not only do these goals help me stay organised, but they help me see the bigger picture of what I want to accomplish in life, what new things I must learn to achieve them and how I plan on getting there. One secret that everybody needs to know about me – I always write my goals down and pray about them. This is a habit that was taught to me by one of my greatest mentors and I can honestly say that this has helped me stay focused and grounded. I especially think praying about your goals and dreams is key to finding the way to achieve them. “Prayer is not supposed to change God’s mind, it is supposed to change your mind” is a quote that just says it all. Let God guide you this year. There is so much to do, so many dreams to come true! Don’t keep standing in your own way to achieve them. Step aside and start listening to God’s still small voice of His amazing plan for you! Your next steps may seem to lead away from your dreams, your goals may even change on the way, but the life in step with God will bring you so much joy that every day you will feel you’ve achieved it all already!

Since I was seven years old I had a dream to one day own a piano. I would have never imagined it to happen, let alone me living in India, acting in Bollywood movies, living this lovely little house here and the piano literally coming into my life at a time I least expected it. Oh what joy when God surprises you with your heart’s desires! Of course, I have worked hard to make the money to buy this piano, but I had almost forgotten about it when it came. I am so grateful and I now keep practicing every day! And so excited to play lots of songs for you all soon! Keep checking out my Instagram for more and leave a COMMENT with your song requests!

This is wishing you a wonderful start to spring and that this year your dreams will come true!



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