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Yesterday, I had the honour of receiving the Youth Icon Of The Year award at CAMA (Cinematics Arts Music Appreciation Awards) in Ahmedabad and I was absolutely humbled by all the overwhelming love I received from you all for the work I am doing with my charity foundation Seams For Dreams and with this new platform Evelyn’s Secrets to inspire you. To be honest, I was in awe to be named alongside all the wonderful people and the amazing work they are doing in the arts, films and music.

It’s times like these where I have to stop and reflect on my journey since I first moved to India. I really feels like I have come a long way, and it’s crazy to think how quickly time has passed. I moved here to discover my Indian roots and to follow a dream that seemed so far from where I was at that moment in time. Growing up in Germany, hard work and full focus and commitment were drilled into me since childhood and have sure played a big part in my life. No matter what industry you’re in, I believe that hard work and preperation is at the premise of every success story – so find what you LOVE to do, set goals for yourself, be grateful for the opportunities and obstacles that come your way, and seize the day! Just go out, and do it!

Now you may ask “I work so hard, but how come things never work out for me?” Here’s a little secret I discovered through my own experience, because I’ve been at this point of frustration many times. Try this and ask yourself: “Why am I doing this? Why do I want this so badly?” Trust me – God has put a dream into your heart for a reason and I am sure he wants you to work your best to achieve this dream… But what is your motivation behind it? Do you want to achieve your goals to please yourself? To make yourself look greater and better? Or are your aspirations to do good to other people? I believe that’s where the true key to success lies. As soon as you shift focus from yourself to others whether it’s in your dream to become an entertainer, a doctor, venture capitalist, app developer or fitness coach, you will live a life of gratitude and endless bliss only if you do it with love for others rather than craving your own money and fame. 

I am so thankful today for all of my fans and friends who have followed my journey and helped me find this state of gratitude and happiness in my life. I have nothing but pure love for all of you who keep cheering me on every day because this is my greatest motivation and sets the stage for me to be able to give back – to my fans and friends, to charity, and to the youth of tomorrow.

Leave a COMMENT down here to tell me your story. I can’t wait to hear all your secrets to success and what your journey has taught you, too.


  • Nimesh chavda
    April 24, 2017

    Evelyn Ahmedabad me aaki pure gujrati ho gaye aap

  • yashwanth
    April 24, 2017

    So pretty always 😍

  • Manal
    April 25, 2017

    Hey Evelyn I hd asked u question that hw many beauty spots u hv on ur face to which u asked me to check out ur pics .. well I hv the answer u hv 4 beauty spots on ur face .. 1 nr the right eye ; 1 nr the right cheek ; 1 on the forehead & 1 beauty spot on the left jaw ; am
    I right pls confirm .. It’s time u reveal this secret to us

  • Shreyash Kulkarni
    April 25, 2017

    Beautifully written 🙂 It’s really nice when successful celebrities like you share some advices which can change the lives of many!

  • Anand Kumar
    May 4, 2017

    Wow!!! This post was really inspiring as everyday we face failures, discouragement and often doubt our capabilities when we don’t see the expected results! Thanks a ton for the encouraging words! You Inspire!!!

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