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Evelyn Sharma Secrets Dhaval Patel Happiness Beauty 2

I love playing Holi! The colours, the dancing, the fun! It’s a day of happiness! Celebrating the arrival of spring, a new beginning, new hope. I hope all of you have had an amazing day, I would love to see your pictures, so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures or post them here in the comments! This is me last year with my friends on Holi! We had so much fun!

Evelyn Sharma Secrets Holi

This year my Holi day looked quite different. I was full of excitement on my way to Pune to rock with some of you for an amazing celebration organised by a bunch of really cool guys at a waterpark! But last minute a few not-so-fun people created a big ruckus and the event had to be cancelled. I felt very down. I’m sure everyone did. Situations like this keep happening throughout life and they try to steal your happiness. The question remains: Even though life may throw stones at you sometimes, how can you still keep smiling through every situation?

Evelyn Sharma Secrets Dhaval Patel Happiness Beauty 3

Last week I went to Karjat to help build houses in a tribal village with Habitat For Humanity India, an organisation that provides housing and sanitation for the ones in need. Funny enough, the people in this village had barely anything, just a few things to call their possessions, not even electricity or running water – and yet they only smiled. There was something more to their happiness than just external. There was an inner peace, a gratefulness for the little things that touched my heart deeply.

Many of us confuse happiness and joy and get stuck on the idea of “you have to be happy!” In my life I have searched far and wide, tried all the “10 steps to happiness” programs you can find online, but only experiences of every day life really helped me realise that running for happiness is a chasing after the wind, and that only true joy can last. One of my favourite books taught me some of the key differences between the two. Happiness is a result of external “things”, and often these “things” are materialistic in nature. We can be happy by eating an ice cream or finally getting that new bag or new pair of shoes we have been eyeing, but this kind of happiness is very transient and can disappear at the drop of a hat. So then, what is it to experience true joy and how can we harness that?

Evelyn Sharma Secrets Dhaval Patel Happiness Beauty 2

While happiness is very external, joy is something that comes from deep within. It rarely has to do with material things and doesn’t go away when life gets tough. In a sense, joy is a very spiritual experience that is a result of having pure gratitude towards everything that is happening in your life, no matter how hard life may seem. Joy is also being thankful towards the people you love and letting them know that you care. Engaging in small acts of kindness everyday can even help you reach your goal of inner joy. Joy also manifests itself in your physical attitude which
reflects what is really happening deep down inside of you. Most importantly: Experiencing joy is knowing the truth of life, that there is a greater calling for you – a plan for you to prosper and live a complete and fulfilled life. 

Evelyn Sharma Secrets Dhaval Patel Happiness Beauty 1

So, how can you work on having more joy? Write down the things in your life that you are thankful for and remind yourself daily that there is a beautiful life ahead of you. Stop listening to the lies of self-doubt, jealousy or even pride. Stay humble and find that greater calling for your life! What a wonderful journey it will be! Full of miracles and everyday overflowing joy!

Today, my dear friend, I am grateful to be a part of your journey and for you to be a part of my life!


  • Rohan Bhandari
    March 15, 2017

    Love this its so inspiring!!❤
    Agreed with you!! Joy & Happiness both are different feelings.
    Happiness we can experience only for few days but joy lasts long.
    Small things like feeding street dogs also gives feeling of joy.

    We can buy happiness from money but we can’t experience joy without a big heart like yours💕

  • Anand Kumar
    March 15, 2017

    The favorite book you mentioned?

  • Siddhaant Saagar
    March 15, 2017

    I have had the exact same experience… as u talked about those villagers who smiled even when they didn’t have much…

    I used to visit orphanages and blind schools.. wishing I would go there and make those people happy, positive and excited about life.. But I was so happily surprised when I found out that all of them were so much more upbeat then all ‘blessed’ people around me. They were all so bright and positive.. it was amazing!

    p.s. u’re sooo beautiful Evelyn.. n I’m super glad to see this new amazing side of u today here!

  • Vyavhar Agarwal
    March 17, 2017

    Greeting’s Evelyn , Congratulations on Expressing your feelings & experiences so Well.

    Looks like life has really unveiled its best kept secrets to you & you’re on the road to attain enlightenment & self realization.

    Good Luck with your Endeavours. Stay Receptive.

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