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Evelyn Sharma Aroma Thai Seams For Dreams Evelyns Secrets

Hey guys!

Here I am again with my very first secret hang out spot, my favourite foot spa in Bandra. You will catch me and many other celebs in this little oasis relaxing during the week getting our tired feet rubbed, pedicured and polished back to shine after hours and hours of tiring dance rehearsals!

Aroma Thai Evelyns Secrets Mumbai

Let’s face it; living in a bustling city like Mumbai is no cake-walk. Factors like the seemingly endless traffic, the hectic social scene, and the constant noise can really weigh down on you. One of my favourite getaways around the city is Aroma Thai Day Spa. When you enter, you literally feel as if you’ve entered a spa in Thailand. The serene ambiance is clad with beautiful Buddha statues and dim lighting, which is perfect if you want to find your inner zen. The Bandra location on Pali Hill is also a favourite amongst everyone here! I’m there twice a week, so who knows when you and I will bump into each other?

Evelyn Sharma Aroma Thai Seams For Dreams Evelyns Secrets


Not only is the look and feel of the place authentic, but what’s even more impressive is the range of treatments they offer. Have a tight budget? No problem, they have plenty of treatments that are under Rs. 1000. Have a limited schedule? Try to spare 30 minutes out of your busy day and get a Stress Relief Massage that is specifically created for all of you that have to sit behind a computer all the time, I can already feel my shoulders twitching writing this post! Feel like splurging because you want to treat yourself? Choose from a variety of spa packages that can include scrubs, masques, and massages, and spend your entire day relaxing and rejuvenating. My preferred mode of pampering is usually the Signature Foot Massage, which at this spa ultimately turns into a full body massage. In fact, I love it so much that there isn’t a week I could go without it!

Aroma Thai Evelyns Secrets Mumbai Pali Hill

Aroma Thai even has a bunch of smaller foot spas that have locations sprinkled about the city and in most of the major malls near you. This is by no means a full-service spa, but offers a limited range of foot treatments and head, neck, and scalp massages. Of course I will always prefer sitting in Thailand on the beach sipping a Piña Colada, baking in the sun and getting a foot massage, but here in Mumbai this place comes pretty darn close to it!

Let me know once you tried it out! Now that I’ve thought so much about the beach… I’m off to Goa for a mini vacation! Will write you all again soon with some beauty tips and pictures from Goa!



  • Rohan Bhandari
    March 3, 2017

    Love to read this one of your beauty secret the way you write is really amazing!!
    Your die hard fan💕

  • Rohan
    March 3, 2017

    Your inner beauty is god gifted and the way you see the word and always want to help others with your organisation seams for dreams is the main reason for your glowing inner beauty😍

  • hot bollywood
    March 3, 2017

    Great and thanks, For Sharing

  • Lisa Nichols
    February 17, 2018

    Foot spa is going to popular day by day. Hope it will be the best foot spa in Bandra.

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